Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education

Focus -  work with appropriate stakeholders to establish a First Nations and Métis education policy that will encompass the learning program, staff development, and community development. Staff will work on developing and expanding partnerships with relevant organizations and agencies that support First Nations and Métis Education. Provide advice and support to school administrators, teachers and support staff in the area of First Nations and Métis Education. Ultimately, the focus will be on ensuring that First Nations and Métis learners achieve success in classrooms and that Indigenous peoples are sufficiently represented in the curriculum and instruction process.

Focus - First Nations and Métis Cultural programming needs within Regina Public Schools. Facilitate and coordinate the Elder's Advisory Committee and the Elder's School program. Provide advice to classroom teachers and school administrators and connect them with appropriate resource people for classroom instruction and special events that involve First Nations and Métis content and perspective. Ultimately, the focus will be on ensuring that First Nations and Métis learners achieve success in classrooms and that Aboriginal peoples are sufficiently represented in the curriculum and instruction process.


Indigenous Self-Declaration Brochure

Elementary Indigenous Advocate Teacher Brochure
High School Indigenous Advocate Teacher Brochure

Elder Resource Person Form
Cultural Fund Form
Cultural Handbook
Indigenous Studies Outcomes
Treaty 4 Worldviews
In Two Worlds



First Nations, Inuit and Métis Education Internet Resources



Office of the Treaty Commissioner

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

Métis Nation of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon Tribal Council

Gabriel Dumont Institute

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Métis National Council

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network

First Nations University

Medicine Walk Videos [YouTube]

Teacher Resources:

Living Sky School Division's Treaty 6 Education Project

University of Regina Career Ed and Mathematics

Our Legacy – Sask. First Nations, Inuit, Métis Culture and Heritage

Classroom Resources with a First Nations’ Perspective

Native Access – Culturally Responsive Engineering at Concordia University

First Nations Links (webquests)

Culturally Relevant Resources For Environmental Science

Aboriginal Themed Lesson Plans

Technology and Education

Aboriginal Games (provided in English and French)

Elder Meditations

Native Web Issues and Resources

Goodminds - Aboriginal Literature reviews

Aboriginal Literatures in Canada: a Teacher’s Resource Guide (9-12)

Instructional Materials in Aboriginal Studies (Gr. 3-12)


Rekindling Traditions:

Cross-Cultural Science & Technology Units (CCSTU) Project

Kainai Plants and Culture Study

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

Gift of Language Resources


Cree Language:

Cree Dictionary

Cree Language Instruction Sites


Web Directories:

The Aboriginal Canada Portal is your single window to Canadian Aboriginal on-line resources, contacts, information, and government programs and services.

The Aboriginal Connections Web Directory

Web Directory for North American First Nations and Métis Links

First Nation Information Project

Turtle Island Native Network

Material relating to First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples, found in Saskatchewan cultural and heritage collections.


Métis Specific Content:

Virtual Museum on Métis History & Perspectives

GDI Teaching Package

Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre

Michif and Métis Culture Site

Michif Language and Culture

A handbook of Métis, Facts, Fancies & Figures

Supporting Aboriginal Economic Development


First Nations Specific Content:

Interpreting Treaty Six (English and French)

Annotated Indian Act

Seven Grandfather Teachings (Anishinabe)

First Nation Bands of Saskatchewan

Plains Culture of First Nations People (Grade Four)

FAQ Concerning Residential Schools in Canada (French and English)

Healing the Legacy of Residential Schools

Interpreting the Night Sky


General Content:

Aboriginal Veterans

Stories about Sask. History

National Aboriginal Role Model Program

Native American Wisdom Quotes

Alberta Resources (Our Words Our Way)


Issues and Challenges:

Commission on First Nations and Métis peoples and Justice Reform

Standoff at Oka Webquest

Canadian Inuit

Indigenous Education and Environmental Issues in Saskatchewan - Resources

Traditional Tobacco Use


Cree language Instruction Sites