Assessment is a sensitive, caring process based on the assumption of achievement for all.  Regina Public Schools assesses for, as and of learning in a variety of ways and contexts.

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Elementary School Reporting

Assessment Guide Educator Page

Parent Information for Progress Reports


PowerTeacher Tips and Tricks

Elementary School Curriculum Cards

Division Assessment Overview



Value Added Assessments (ORR, F & P, RAD, DNA, VAAW)

Ministry/Division Assessments (EYE, OurSchool, HMTMS, Reading, Writing, Math)

Assessment Blog  (New Entries - Respectiful, Transparent Assessment With a Focus on Growth, The Ultimate Purpose of Assessment, Ipad Ap for Running Records)

RBE Assessment Webinars (must be logged into access)

SuccessMaker (Pilot Project)



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Ministry Renewed Curricula:  Understanding Outcomes

Ministry Webinars

Check Out These Sites

Why do we Get Grades?


Wonderopolis is a website created by the National Center for Family Literacy.  It can help parents and teachers draw elementary-age children into literacy strengthening conversations and activities too fun to resist.  Daily the site posts kid-friendly content organized around that day's "wonder".  It includes an interesting video clip, several paragraphs of simple text that introduce content related to the question, learning activities, vocabulary featured in the text, links to content on other sites.  There is a place after each wonder for kids to add their comments and respond to those of others. 

Mathtrain TV

This site uses video as a lesson tool for math. This site began with a teacher who made a video to help his students.  Students teach other students math.  Check it out! 

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