Looking forward to the months ahead

Looking forward to the months ahead

As December approaches and we are already three months into the school year, I am excited to give an update regarding my role as your Director of Education. Since the start of classes, I have visited 30 schools where I have taken the opportunity to meet colleagues from across all of our employee groups and have also been introduced to many students. I have enjoyed meeting everyone and answering some engaging questions about my role from students. I plan to complete my visits to all of Regina Public’s schools by January 2016.

Following the school visits, I will be working with our employee groups to set up focus group consultation opportunities for all staff to participate in. There will be further details about the focus groups coming out in January. These focus groups will be a great opportunity for you to have your say, and for my Division Office team to listen. I also continue to work very closely with the Regina Board of Education trustees. I know that this two-way interaction with all staff is something they encourage. 

Earlier in the fall, I participated in a three-day planning session with the other 27 school division Directors and Ministry of Education officials from across the province. Our focus was the Education Sector Strategic Plan for our province. I’m pleased to say that the Regina Public School’s Strategic Plan and our school-level Learning Improvement Plans mirror the provincial sector plan. This will be reflected in the Annual Report that we are currently producing.

This fall, I have had the opportunity to talk with school principals about the priorities for our school division. As we move into December, there are six areas that I will be asking all employees to focus on during the 2015-2016 school year.

  • High expectations for all students
  • Creating a climate of belonging for all students and staff
  • Authentic engagement for all students
  • Focusing on the importance of school attendance
  • Improvement and success―celebrating what we do
  • Improving the graduation and achievement rates of First Nation, Métis, Inuit Students

In the coming months, I hope to provide you with updates of initiatives that highlight these areas.

- Greg Enion

Director of Education